Do you know everything you need to know about your chickens?

Did you know that:

  • A laying hen eats about 100 to 140 grams of chicken feed per day?

  • This laying hen needs at least 40 ml of fresh drinking water per day?

  • Egg production requires the proper absorption of important digestible minerals? (10–20 g per day)

  • Chickens cannot chew, so they eat small pebbles and grit so they can grind the cereals in the gizzard?

  • Chickens have a moulting period every year? They renew their feathers during this period.

  • This moulting period causes the chickens a lot of stress? They are more susceptible to disease during this period.

  • Chickens ingest unwanted bacteria and parasites as a result of foraging and pecking? This can cause serious health problems. (for example, coccidiose)

  • Chickens can become victims of unwanted ectoparasites in hot and humid weather?

A healthy chicken provides healthy eggs

Check-up on your chickens every day. Pick them up and check them for parasites or fleas, for example. Also take a look in their coop and check carefully for parasites – red bird mites, for example.

Moulting: what is that actually?

Moulting takes place in late summer or early autumn. Chickens renew their plumage at this time of the year. The moulting period takes a few weeks and consumes a lot of energy and nutrients. As a result, the chicken will not lay eggs. When the plumage is completely renewed, it may take several weeks for the hen to start producing eggs again. It is important to continue providing the chickens the correct nutritions and good shelter during this period. This will ensure the moulting process will pass quickly and the hen can start laying eggs again.

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