Feeding birds

Birds love a varied garden with native plants and shrubs, berries, insects, a patch of grass and preferably not too neat. They find plenty of food there. You can also feed them all year round.

Feeding birds

Birds are finding less and less suitable places to feed because our built-up area is getting denser and denser. Set-aside areas with seed-rich plants and insects are increasingly giving way to concrete and asphalt. Shrubs and trees that provide natural shelter and nesting places are also rare.

Bird-friendly gardens can compensate for this loss and offer birds a good home in built-up areas. A variety of grass, flowering plants, shrubs or trees helps many birds to live on their own. Many people enjoy birds close to home. By feeding, birds show themselves even more often.

About feeding well, which birds eat what, when to feed and how to offer the bird food, we have listed some easy to do tips. If you do this, you will have the best chance of finding birds in the garden.

How many and what kind of birds is determined by the environment in which you live.

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