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In autumn, birds are very actively looking for a good place to feed to get through the winter. If you provide the birds with food in autumn, they know that they can also visit your garden in winter. From the moment it gets really cold, you can offer fat balls and peanut garlands.
From the moment winter really arrives, birds need a lot of extra energy to maintain their body temperature. From December to April it is best to provide products rich in fat (fat balls, peanut butter, half coconuts, etc.) and the feeding table should be well stocked.

5 Tips for feeding birds correctly:

1. Feeding can be done all year round, but is especially useful when it freezes and/or snows. Balls should only be hung up when it starts to freeze.

2. Divide the food over several feedings. Do not provide too much food at the same time.
Ideally, divide the amount of feed in the morning and towards the end of the afternoon. After a long, cold night, birds need a hearty breakfast and towards the evening they eat their fill to get through the harsh night. If you were to sprinkle too much, it makes it attractive to mice and rats....

3. Avoid foods containing salt or cheese or bread.

4. Foods that freeze quickly and easily, such as apples, are best fed whole and not in small pieces.

5. Look at the quality of your bird food, which can vary greatly. Healthy feed makes for healthy birds.

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