Grain-free dog food

It is important that your dog absorbs the right balance of nutrients to ensure optimal health. Grain is a part of this as well, but why?

The Importance of grain in dog food?

First and foremost, grain provides your dog with energy. In addition, it also helps coordinate the quantities of minerals, fats and proteins. Grain in dog food allows your pet to wander around without any problem.

Help My dog is allergic to grain.

Grain can contribute to the good health of your dog, but not in all cases. In fact, it is possible that your dog experiences health problems after eating dog food containing grain. In this case, pay attention. After all, your dog may be sensitive or even allergic to grain.

Grain-free dog food

Is your dog allergic? Don't worry. Grain-free dog food is the solution. This dog food has been developed to provide a balanced diet to dogs suffering from a grain allergy. Grain-free dog food can be found for adult dogs, as well as small puppies.


It is important not to give your dog grain-free dog food if your dog is not allergic to grain. Grain is and will remain one of the best nutrients for a dog. Therefore, replacing grain is only recommended when necessary.

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