Indoor bunnies

Would you like to keep rabbits but are lacking the space in your garden? Don’t worry, you can also keep rabbits inside your home. The benefits of indoor bunnies and tips on how to best care for them can be found below.

Benefits of keeping an indoor bunny

More contact with your pet

Having a rabbit living in your house creates better contact between you and your pet. This way you get to know your indoor bunny better so you can have a lot more fun together. This is not only fun for you, but also for the bunny itself.

Less moisture and a stable temperature

A rabbit that is permanently housed outside will experience many different conditions than the one living inside. This is especially true in terms of moisture and temperature. An indoor bunny will not suffer from damp conditions. It will also experience stable temperatures. All of this contributes to the good health of your pet.

Taking care of your indoor bunny

Floor covering

Before you make the decision to bring an indoor bunny into your home, it is very important to check your floor covering. This is essential for the well-being of your indoor bunny, but also yours.

Carpet gives your rabbit a lot of grip when it wanders around your house. But this is not ideal if your indoor bunny is not toilet trained and occasionally leaves his/her mark. Tiles or wood are easier to keep clean, and therefore more hygienic.

Cables and plants

You should consider where your cables and plants are located as these are very attractive to a wandering rabbit. It is important to conceal cables as much as possible in order to reduce the danger to your bunny. Make sure your plants are in places the rabbit cannot reach to ensure they remain upright.

Own place

Even though your bunny lives in your house, he/she still needs his/her own spot. The roomier the better. We recommend this indoor accommodation has somewhere to sleep and a toilet area. This will give the rabbit its own place to sleep, as well as teaching it to go to the toilet in the toilet area when necessary.

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