A heart and soul for people and animals. Whether we’re just passionate about animals or raise them for a living, we all want our animals to grow up and thrive under the best conditions. They give us so much love, trust and protection. They also stimulate a sense of responsibility and care in children. In exchange for the unconditional friendship of our pets, we now recognise that they also need special care and balanced nutrition. This is why we permanently invest in the highest quality, driven by innovation.

Because we are just as passionate about animals as you are.


We know our profession. All production is done in-house, using modern production equipment and a rigorously controlled production process. We only select the very best raw materials, thanks to our extensive knowledge and years of experience. This is an advantage since it let us produce qualitative and unique products. In so doing, we offer the market what it wants, making us the leading animal feed producer for small and large animals.

Knowledge, skill, quality. We have it all.


Excellent animal feeds since 1840. Our recipes are based on years of experience, generation after generation, but the emphasis has always been on the animal. We produce real feeds. Made of grains and seeds that animals would forage for in nature. Tailored to every stage of life, for sport or hobby. We work to develop even better and healthier feeds every day. And we really continue to do this. Original.

From the field to your animal.


Transparency and trust are in our nature. We offer you maximum support to help you care for your animal. We’ve always believed that sharing our knowledge is the right thing to do, so your animal reaps the benefits. Fair pricing for quality feeds with a natural composition: that is our goal. But we also care about nature. We limit our CO2 emissions and use recyclable packaging.

Respect for you, your animal and country life.

Natural Granen Gebr De Scheemaecker NV
Metropoolstraat 28 – 29 2900 Schoten
BE 0437.115.256
T. 03 641 02 11

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