With HobbyFirst Feline you get a complete and balanced food for your cat. Keep the excellent quality and nutritional values your cat in top shape. With carefully selected natural ingredients and the right amounts of nutrients, HobbyFirst Feline is a very tasty food for your cat. It provides optimal metabolism, a beautiful healthy and shiny coat and contributes to a good health.

Feline range

HobbyFirst Feline Kitten | Junior (2,5 to 12 months)

HobbyFirst Feline Kitten-Junior has been specially developed for kittens and lactating mother cats.

HobbyFirst Feline Adult | Chicken | 1 to 7 years

HobbyFirst Feline Adult contains everything your adult male or female cat needs to maintain its vitality.

HobbyFirst Feline Senior | chicken | over 7 years

HobbyFirst Feline Senior is tailor-made for older cats.

HobbyFirst Feline Sensitive sterilized | Turkey | starting at 1 year

HobbyFirst Feline Sensitive Sterilized has been specially developed for sterilized cats.

Discover the benefits of HobbyFirst below.

HobbyFirst Feline contains salmon oil and Antarctic krill. This one natural ingredients are a rich source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA and contribute to an good health of your at.

Intestinal Security" indicates that HobbyFirst Feline cat food supports a healthy intestinal flora and good intestinal function. Bowel bacteria (intestinal flora) enable vital body processes: from digesting food and making vitamins to supporting the immune system. HobbyFirst Feline contains probiotics: living microorganisms that supplement the good intestinal bacteria. The prebiotics present (FOS and MOS) are nutrients for these probiotics so that they remain active longer. The present clay minerals protect the intestinal mucosa, prevent digestive problems and ensure a good bowel movement of your cat.

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