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Diner Feast

This richly varied mixture will enchant various species from small to large all year round.

Cold at Night

This mixture is specially formulated for the colder days when the birds need extra energy the most.

Clean Garden

With only pre-peeled and crushed seeds and grains and keep your garden and terrace clean. There is also no chance that seeds that have fallen to the ground will germinate and grow unwanted plants.

Young Life

There is plenty of activity in the garden from spring onwards.

Table blend

A finer blend of grains, nuts, and pips for the smaller birds that prefer a stable feeding surface and are chased away from the ground by the larger birds.

Feeder blend

There’s nothing better than watching a flock of tits performing daring aerial acrobatics on and around a hanging feeder.

Finches & Friends

This richly varied mixture full of fine vegetable, grass, and herb seeds is a true delicacy for all the finches in your garden.

Ground blend

A coarser blend of grains and seeds, specifically tailored to those birds that always look for their food on the ground.

WildLife 4 seasons - 15kg

Wild Life Four Seasons is a scatter feed suitable for all types of wild birds consisting of a tasty mixture of different seeds and grains.

WildLife No Mess - 15kg

You want to feed wild birds without leaving seeds scattered everywhere and with less waste? This feed consists of peeled seeds which will not germinate in your garden, and which are a real delicacy for birds.

WildLife Mega Mix - 15kg

Our WildLife Mega Mix scatter feeds are suitable for all wild birds and consist of a tasty mixture of different grains and seeds.

WildLife Super Mix - 15kg

WILDLIFE Super Mix is a scatter feed suitable for all types of wild birds. This comprehensive scatter feed consists of a tasty mixture of different seeds and fruits and is a real treat for the wild birds in your neighbourhood.

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