HobbyFirst WildLife Hedgehog Food Blend

The variety of natural ingredients in this food ensures that the hedgehog gets all the nutrients it needs.

HobbyFirst WildLife Hedgehog Food Mix is a rich mixture of egg, mealworm and crayfish food.

Always place a bowl of fresh drinking water with the hedgehog food.

  • 1kg

HobbyFirst WildLife Floating Duck Pellets

This duck mix can be fed to ducks and geese in ponds in a responsible manner. The dispersed food remains buoyant, so that every duck or goose has the opportunity to eat it.

HobbyFirst WildLife duck pellets are protein-rich floating pellets based on fish meal.

  • 1kg

HobbyFirst WildLife Squirrel Food Blend

This squirrel food contains a high proportion of oil seeds and fruit. The squirrels have to shell them themselves to stimulate their natural behaviour. The HobbyFirst WildLife squirrel food mix is rich in nuts, seeds, fruits and mealworms.
Always place a bowl of fresh drinking water next to the squirrel food.

  • 1,1kg

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