Discover our convenient HobbyFirst WildLife flat packs with various seed mixtures!

Our HobbyFirst WildLife product range includes compact flat packs available in various formats. They are easy to carry and even easier to scatter. Our flat packs are a perfect intermediate size.

HobbyFirst WildLife Peanuts

An energy-rich snack for garden birds. This basic feed for outdoor birds can be fed as is or can serve to enrich the basic mix. Ideal during the colder days!

  • 2,5kg

HobbyFirst WildLife No Mess Mix

For real outdoor bird lovers, peeled sunflower seeds and peanuts as well as kibbled grains for optimal absorption.

This mix has been designed so that no waste remains, and it is biodegradable. And, there is no chance of seeds that have fallen to the ground germinating and growing into unwanted plants. Keep your garden weed-free!

  • 2,5kg

  • 5kg

HobbyFirst WildLife Unpeeled Sunflower Seeds

Unhulled sunflower seeds, birds love them! A high-energy snack for
garden birds. To be administered singly or to enrich a basic mixture.

  • 1,75 KG

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